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 Hormone Replacement

HRT is, at a basic level, providing the body with a form of replacement hormones, that are identical to the molecular structure of natural, endogenous hormones. 

Through an individualized approach, HRT can be used to restore functioning lost through aging, environmental exposures and stressors.  HRT can be used for menopause, testosterone replacement and thyroid function to name a few.

Bioidentical vs. Synthetic

The term "bioidentical" simply means these hormones are chemically the same as the ones the human body produces. They are also called "human identical" or "human iso-molecular". "Synthetic" hormones refers to those manufactured with a chemical structure that is foreign to the human body, but mimics some hormonal activity. These chemical differences can mean that synthetic hormones act differently in your body and produce substantially different effects. We recommend only human identical hormones in your custom prescription formulations. Hormones are available as 'bioidentical' in both compounded and pharmaceutically available forms

Why do you need a prescription?

Hormones are a medication and therefore require a prescription.  The prescription may be filled through a traditional pharmacy or compounding pharmacy depending on the needs.  Either form should be specific to your needs and symptoms with several options on the market.

Multiple formats are available including capsules, scalp solutions, sublingual drops, topical creams, vaginal creams, troche and suppositories.  

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