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Well Weight Individual Coaching

Shannon takes a more comprehensive approach to supporting healthy weight loss and management to meet your wellness goals.  This approach has been called the Well Weight Program to support weight in the context of wellness.  There are a variety of tools that can support this approach to weight management including custom weight loss assessment, hormone replacement, medication approaches for weight management, nutritional coaching, intermittent fasting, thyroid evaluation and blood testing.  This is for the person that is doing everything right but haven't been able to lose weight.  The comprehensive program takes a metabolic, movement, mind and nutrition approach to address all causes of weight gain.  

Why  Intermittent Fasting?

Although the notion of perpetual snacking has been reinforced for decades, it is not based in scientific rigour demonstrating health benefits.  Intermittent fasting increases insulin and leptin sensitivity, increase ghrelin levels to reduce overeating, aids your body to use fat as fuel, decreases inflammation and free radical damage, decreases triglyceride levels and can aid in weight management.  

What it is not.

Intermittent fasting is not a form of extreme calorie restriction.  Fasting is helping your body tap into the ability to use stored energy (aka fat) for fuel.  It cannot be done with a diet filled with process or refined foods or without the inclusion of exercise.  

Why medically supervised?

Although intermittent fasting is generally well tolerated, a healthcare provider can help guide fasting periods to enhance, not hinder performance.  Those whom are participating in extended fasting, diabetic, experience hypoglycemia or pregnant/breastfeeding should be supervised to avoid unnecessary risk. 

Prescription Supported Diet

Several medications are currently on the market to aid in weight loss.  These should be tailored and chosen  specifically based on current challenges and health picture.  These are meant to support other dietary and lifestyle changes to optimize weight loss while aiding in some of the barriers to sustained weight loss.  

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